About Author

Lorene Brooks - Author - Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook

Lorene Brooks is the author of Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook, and was born and raised in Attleboro, Massachusetts.  As a child, Lorene’s maternal grandmother lived with her family and when her older brother and sister would go to school, Lorene and her grandmother would bake and bake and bake.  There were always fresh-baked goodies in her home.  Lorene developed a love of cooking and baking that has been with her through her entire life.  When her grandmother moved into her own place, and her mother travelled on business, Lorene would be the one to make dinner for her father and older siblings, even if it meant standing on the stool in front of the stove to do it.  She loves to cook.

As a teenager, her family moved to Florida.  It was in Florida that Lorene met and married her Texan husband, Jerry.  It was through him, that she learned about spices and experimenting with recipes.  After her grandmother passed away, she decided to collect all the family recipes from both her Yankee heritage and her husband’s Texan heritage and create a cookbook that would preserve her family’s cooking history.  

Lorene currently lives near Nashville, Tennessee with her husband, Jerry, and their two children, Zachary and Jasmine.



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