Southern-fried Yankee Cook Book by Lorene Brooks

Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook is a culmination of my love of cooking and my desire to preserve my family heritage.  As a child my grandmother lived with my family and she and I would spend many a day baking family recipes and cooking dinner together.  I loved those times with her.  After my grandmother passed away, I was given her recipe cards.  It was heaven going through all the old recipes we use to bake together.

One day it hit me, that I wanted to make sure our family recipes would be around for future generations.  So, I called on all the women from my Yankee family, and all the women from my husband’s Texan family, and asked them to send me all their favorite recipes.  I told them I was going to create a cookbook for the family that had all our favorite meals and baked goods that we enjoyed as children and the new recipes that have become family favorites.  They all enthusiastically sent me their recipes.  But the best thing was, that my Aunts sent recipe cards from their mothers and grandmothers.

It took two years, but eventually, I got every recipe they sent to me entered into the computer, and wrote Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook. This cookbook had more than I ever dreamed.  I had compiled a list of all kinds of recipes from Pre-Recession times (The Great Depression of 1929, not the current one.), War Time Recipes from the 1940’s, and my favorites Generation X recipes from the 70’s and 80’s.  But what finished it off, was all the modern-day recipes with microwave concoctions.  This book really had not only my family food heritage preserved, but actually, almost 100 years of our American Cooking Heritage.  I was completely blown away.

Southern-fried Yankee Cook Book by Lorene BrooksSouthern-fried Yankee Cookbook was just supposed to be a family project.  I gathered the recipes, designed the cookbook, and printed them out.  I sent copies of the book to all my family members who provided me recipes for the book as a Christmas gift.  Well, my phone started ringing off the hook.  Everyone was telling me I should publish this book and sell it to the public.  I really didn’t think that a publisher would be interested, but after months of hounding, I finally sent my book to a few publishers and lo and behold, someone wanted to print it for me.  I was thrilled, and the first edition of the Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook by Lorene Brooks was released in March of 2005!

And now, eight years later, I am finally able to offer Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook in e-book format to the public.  I hope you will enjoy my cookbook, not only for the great recipes, but for a little glimpse of America’s food heritage.  The Northern Yankee cuisine, the Southern cuisine and many historic recipes will amaze you about how women used what they had on hand to create amazing meals for their families during the tough recession and war times when food shortages were high.


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Delta Bars are the Alpha & Omega! YUM

When I was in my young teens, my mom discovered two recipes that became one of the family favorites for parties or just when she felt like making a treat.  They were Lemon Bars and Delta Bars.  They became the desert that if she didn’t make one of them for a family cookout, everyone was upset, and let me tell you, I come from a very large family.

So today, I was looking through my copy of Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook and was trying to think of something to bake.  I passed the cake section, the candy section, the cookie section, and then started my quest in the deserts section.   Then, I came across the Delta Bar recipe, and all the nostalgia of my youth came flooding back.  I started remembering the warm, moist bar, the sweet, yet tangy meringue, and I knew I just had to make them!

I pulled out all the ingredients, and 40 minutes later, I was tasting a memory of my youth.  They were awesome.  and I just happened to snap a few pics for you to see how tasty they look!

Delta Bars Fresh out of the Oven.

Delta Bars Fresh out of the Oven.

Delta Bars Plate

Delta Bars cut into 2″ squares and serve warm

I just couldn't wait and had to try one.  Oh, Instant gratification!

I just couldn’t wait and had to try one. Oh, Instant gratification!

So, needless to say, today was one of those days that the house tastes like memories, and your tummy is smiling!

The recipe for Delta Bars can be found on page 66 on the e-book version of Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook.  And for those of you lucky enough to have the paperback version, they can be found on page 127.  Enjoy.

Get your e-book copy of Southern-fried Yankee Cookbook here.

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